Add an Instagram Account to HustleCool [Tutorial]

Updated: 24/11/2018
hustlecool instagram
Houston, there might be a problem...

Because the official Instagram API sucks, we need to integrate Instagram accounts by using passwords.

You may get an error the first time you try to add an Instagram account to HustleCool.

If that happens, head over to Instagram's website in your browser, either log out if you're logged in or open an incognito window, and try to log in with the same account you tried to add.

You should be prompted to confirm that you've just made a login attempt from an unfamiliar location, and maybe even do a challenge too.

Complete that and head back over to HustleCool. Try to add the account one more time, it should work.

If it doesn't, let me know, Instagram is really important and we must have it work flawlessly.

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