Manage your social media accounts with HustleCool [Tutorial]

Matej Trajkovski
Updated: 24/11/2018
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HustleCool separates every operation that it performs for you on social media in three contexts - Grow, Engage, and Create. Everything else that doesn't happen in those three contexts is part of either the Manage or the Settings tabs (not really contexts). Those two tabs cover the basics of your HustleCool account management, which is a separate thing from any of the social media accounts.



The Name field is an optional field of your name, username, or whatever word or words you wish us to use when addressing you. It's not required, but it makes communication better.

Your HustleCool account is associated with your email. You need a valid email account to operate your HustleCool account properly. When registering you enter the email you wish to use for HustleCool. You can always update your email to whatever other email address you please.

HustleCool will try to make an educated guess on what your Timezone is, but it will probably be wrong. Your Timezone setting affects your Create context, if no other timezone can be obtained from a quota or a timetable, the Timezone in your Settings will be used. So make sure you have your Timezone set correctly.

Phone and Company are only an additional piece of information you can provide us so that you can be reached more easily. You don't have to set those if you don't like to, or you simply are not in a company, or don't have a phone number (sometimes I wish I didn't have a phone number :)).

Support Us

The Support Us setting is a flag symbolizing your desire to support HustleCool on social media with an occasional small gesture, like following our account, and liking and sharing some selected pieces of our content. The posts are our latest updates, tutorials, offers and rewards, and an occasional light (never offensive) joke to keep things fun. These kinds of posts happen once or at most twice a week. Spam is a huge no go. HustleCool will follow you back and it will help you in your social media efforts as well. At the moment, free accounts have to support us, it's only fair since they get access to months of hard work for free. By participating with your support, you help keep HustleCool amazing and spread the word. Keep in mind, more users will eventually lead to lower prices and more features, so your support is much appreciated. Thanks.


Every plan besides the FREE plan is paid for upfront and is valid for the next month. Upgrades are possible for the FREE, SOLO and HUSTLER plans. When upgrading the FREE plan, the subscription starts from the date of the purchase. When upgrading the SOLO or HUSTLER plans, the amount paid for the upgrade is the difference between the plans divided by the percentage of the time left in the subscription. Downgrades and cancellations are possible at any time. When requesting a cancellation, the services are available for the rest of the month, and the next month no billing is made and you're downgraded to the FREE plan. When downgrading from one paid plan to another, the services and billing are affected after the expiry of the current month.


By entering the email addresses of your friends or colleagues and inviting them to join HustleCool, you both get 50% off of your next monthly payment for any plan you are currently on. The discount is activated after the invited user registers for a paid subscription. You can invite up to 5 people, and they can then invite 5 people other than you, and so goes the network effect :).

Change Password

The boring old change password form. Enter your current password, and enter your desired new password twice, and you have a new password.


HustleCool probably has a few bugs remaining even after all the testing. It probably does some things right, and it certainly does a few things wrong. Whenever you feel like talking about any of those features, file a support ticket.



The Manage context is the starting point of your social media growth process. Every account that you wish to grow by using HustleCool needs to be integrated with HustleCool first. Accounts are integrated in one of two ways, by using the APIs provided by each social network, or by getting direct authorization from you. A large part of the data needed for each account to work on HustleCool is synchronized automatically. HustleCool only uses the data that is needed for supporting your accounts.

After adding the account to HustleCool, you can see a representation of it in your Manage context. There are some basic stats available for your convenience there, as well as the needed images for easier management and recognition. There are only a couple of things you can do with an account in Manage. One of them is removing the integration of that account with HustleCool which completely removes every piece of data that HustleCool has stored associated with that account. That means that whatever progress, audience, engagement and scheduling you've had for that account will be removed too, and it will start fresh if you add the same account again. The other thing you can do with an account in Manage is add it or remove it from a Team.


Teams are organization structures for grouping one or more accounts and managing them more efficiently. Grouping related social accounts into a team enables simple yet powerful organization and coordination of their activities. When several accounts from one social platform are all used to achieve a common goal, like marketing a specific product, it is often useful to group them in a team. Accounts in a team can easily reach out and target different users while serving similar content. One team can support up to 20 accounts. Accounts not placed in a team are called Solo accounts and they are managed independently of all other accounts.

You create teams in the Manage context. All you need for creating a team is its Name, which must be unique among your other Team names. You can optionally add a description for the team if you need so, it is solely for your own convenience. After creating a team, you add or remove accounts to and from it.


The Settings and the Manage tabs are the basics of your HustleCool account. Integrating your social media accounts and strategically placing them in teams is the most important action you will perform in the Manage context.

That's all you need to start.

Try managing your accounts in a simple, powerful and free way