We need to talk

Matej Trajkovski
Updated: 24/11/2018
Monkeys Monkeying Around
Really, trully talk, instead of just monkeying around

Hi. My name is Matej, I'm the founder of HustleCool.

Matej and HustleCool
left: Me after a good Reddit joke, right: HustleCool after a hard day's work

I want to talk to you.

Most people are fascinating in at least a few ways, so chances are you are fascinating too. That's what I believe. What do you believe? Who are you? I honestly want to know. Everyone I've met has a few things that are cool about them, and a few things that are lame. I want to hear about both. What's your story?

HustleCool earns me money, and that is a big reason why I built it. It's not the only reason though. It's not even the main reason. The main reason I built it is because I like hearing stories. Humanity is a story, and every person that has ever lived has a story. I want to hear as many of them as I can, and I think a lot of people feel that way. HustleCool should serve as a tool that helps us tell our stories and listen to other people's stories.

Many people already talk a lot. There are probably some interesting stats floating around on how much data goes through the Internet every minute. Unfortunately, all data is not a true story, or at least not an honest one. We talk a lot, but often we say nothing. And sometimes it seems that the more we talk, the less we can actually understand each other. We talk a lot, but we don't listen. Those are things that every single one of us needs to constantly work on and try to improve. It is hard, but it is very important, critical even. We need to talk, we need to have our true voice heard, we need to listen, and we need to understand.

That is what HustleCool will try to accomplish.

You have a story, and you need to tell it. There is an audience out there for you, and we will find it, big or small, local or global. They need to hear your story as much as you need to tell it. I will help you with that.

You need to listen to them, too. You need to have a dialogue, it doesn't work if there's only one party talking (unless you're talking to a baby, then don't worry, you can go ahead and do all the talking :D). Most of the time, your audience is smarter than you, and listening to them is the smartest move you have. Talk to them, but listen too. I'd personally recommend 30% talking and 70% listening. However you want to distribute your dialogue, I will help you listen too.

We are so fortunate in that we have so many platforms on which we can talk. So many, in fact, that sometimes it seems that it's more about the platform than the people. Let's just have an honest conversation. We can tweet or post, we can chat, we can skype or slack or whatsapp, we can email, we can even snail mail (big fan of pen and paper here!). We can help each other, and we can learn so much. Let me know what your favourite show is. Do you wholeheartedly love the hustle too? Do you only read books when on a plane as well and then wonder why you don't read more often? Do you like martial arts? Do you smoke weed? Do you like your job? Do you still play Red Alert 2 sometimes by any chance? What's bothering you? What's the funniest thing you saw today? I'm serious here btw. If you have something you want to talk about, just shoot me an email or tweet at me. As long as it is humanly possible, I'll talk to you.

More importantly, though, talk to each other. Find the people that you can really have a conversation with. Talk to everyone who wants to talk with you and listen. HustleCool will help you with that. I've given my everything in building it, hoping that it will become the ultimate tool for you to connect with people that also want to talk and listen. If you have a story, a message that you believe should be heard by as many people as possible, don't hesitate to try HustleCool.

If you choose to follow me, you'll probably hear a lot of my story. Right now, I'm a creator. That's been a consequence of my life choices and circumstances, and right now, I enjoy building things that people will love and find useful more than anything else. I've created a lot of things in the past. If I have to be realistic, some of them were probably average. What hurts me is that I could never really find a way to truly evaluate that. To me, it always felt like they never really got a shot. There was always too much noise, and my message got lost in the tornadoes of information bombarding people every minute. Maybe my creations were average, but maybe they just didn't get in front of many eyeballs, or the right eyeballs. The decision to stop allowing that to happen to my work eventually led me to build HustleCool. A few months later and with a lot of help from my amazing brilliant girlfriend Natasha, I'm starting to present this piece of work to people. I'm looking to connect and share, just as, in a way, we all are.

If you're a creator of any kind as well, literally any kind, you might find HustleCool especially useful. It gets harder and harder to show the world your work, and you need to become organized in your efforts of getting your message across. Our features are tailored to aid you in growing your audience of loyal early adopters, engaging your tribe of hard-core fans, distributing your creations in the most optimized way possible. From one creator to another, I will help you. If you don't feel like I'm helping you, let me know, and I'll do everything to change that. You will have your voice heard, that's my promise to you.

pinkie promise
All right, all right, pinkie promise

I don't know you yet. You might be a social media expert or an influencer. You might be a blogger, or part of a digital marketing team. You might be my next partner, client, employee. Or you might be just a person that will read this post and nothing more. Whatever you are, I'm truly grateful for your time and attention, and most of all for listening to me. I know how hard that is today, and I honestly appreciate it. Now it's your turn to talk. I want to listen to you. Let's talk.