About HustleCool

Who are you?

My name is Mat. I am a one man team that develops, designs, and markets HustleCool. I'm a software developer primarily, and an enthusiast for blockchain, just society and marketing. There have been some other products developed by me in the past. One of them is a motivational alarm app for Android called Motiwake. Another one is a Chrome browser extension for easier copying, pasting and generally more efficient working of common digital workpeople like salespeople and virtual assistants called Clipboard++. While I love them and am proud of them, they haven't achieved any major popularity. There is always a chance that they were not extremelly good products, but I also always thought that they never actually reached their proper audience and never got in front of the right people. That's the main reason I started working on HustleCool, to help other builders and solopreneurs like myself grow a social media audience fast and cheap and get early feedback and validation of their ideas.

Where are you?

At the moment, the company, the product and myself are in Berlin, Germany. As it is considered the startup capital of Europe, and this is a startup in Europe, Berlin is the right place for HustleCool. I am originally from Skopje, the capital of a small and lovely country called Macedonia. That is the place that I call home, even though I constantly travel and explore. My company was started in a local accelerator for startups in Skopje, and now has moved to Berlin in hopes of finding a team and scaling up the product. I like it Berlin, but I also move a lot. I guess some people would call me a digital nomad.

Why do you do this?

I have worked (and still do work) a lot of social media marketing. A lot of my friends also work social media marketing. If you work social media too, you'll be familiar with the pains and problems a regular smm enthusiast might encounter. Switching tabs, logging in and logging out into different account, lost content, scattered data and a lot of tummy aches. That's what I hope to solve with HustleCool.

How can I reach you?

Whoah, buy me a drink first... kidding, you can call me on +38978554947 or contact me via the Internets here